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Claim Handling

Our customers enjoy the most efficient claims handling in the industry. Claims are handled by licensed adjusters that settle a tenant’s claim in a timely and professional manner. All claims are filed directly with the carrier, by the tenants, meaning tenants don’t need a middle-man, and owners don’t have to get involved in the claims process. It’s a win for everyone. We’ve outlined below what involved parties should do, to ensure a claim is made and paid successfully and swiftly.

Managers Should

  • Complete their portion of the incident report prior to giving it to the tenant.
  • Advise the tenant to fill out the incident report, submit it, and call the claims dept.
  • Walk the tenant through the claims reporting process
  • Advise that a claims adjuster will contact the tenant for any additional information needed.

Tenants Should

  • Report break-ins to local police and obtain a copy of the police report
  • Take detailed photos of the scene
  • Notify the manager, obtain an incident report, and email the completed form to the claims department.
  • Keep the damaged lock and/or any damaged property
  • Protect property from further damage

The Carrier Will

  • Review the incident and police reports
  • Verify loss through incident report, site manager, and tenant's loss statements.
  • Send an adjuster (in cases where 10 or more losses have occurred in a single incident)
  • Settle the claim in a timely manner.

Proactive Protection

  • Place boxes on palettes, skids, or 2x4s
  • Cover items with plastic sheeting or drop cloth
  • Keep an inventory and photos of stored items
  • Always keep storage unit locked (disc or cylinder lock preferred)
  • Store electronics in the rear of the unit
  • Never store valuables, such as money, jewelry or cameras
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