The Perks of Protection

Providing protection for your tenants’ stored property doesn’t have to come at the expense of your security. An on-site tenant insurance program will actually create further separation between you and your tenants, legally, eliminating gray-areas, when it comes to claims and liability. The additional benefits of a tenant insurance program, extend to all parties- the facility owner, tenants, site managers and the site itself. We’ve outlined some of these benefits below, so you can see for yourself, why tenant insurance is protection for all.

For Owners

  • reduces liability
  • provides protection for tenants
  • builds business credibility
  • creates additional revenue

For Managers

  • no need to be a licensed insurance broker
  • claims are handled by the insurance carrier
  • all insurance mailings are taken care of
  • requiring coverage – no pressure to sell

For The Site

  • increased property value
  • reduced liability of the site
  • higher occupancy & sell-through rates

For Tenants

  • easy on-site enrollment
  • no long-term commitment
  • pays 1st, even with other coverage
  • low flat-rate deductible
  • peace of mind- storage specific coverage