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Who We Are

We offer integrated risk-management, technology and service solutions to real estate owners looking to protect their assets and increase their cashflow. We provide customized, quality tenant insurance programs to fit the needs of owners or operators looking to offer their tenants the best coverage for an affordable price.

We provide a full suite of solutions – from facility licensing (if needed) to management training. Sage is committed to achieving success together with our partners. We value the relationships we have with our clients above all else, and are here to support you every step of the way.

Committed to Cultivating Success

We have been innovating self-storage tenant insurance since 2009. Our history of offering competitive, comprehensive insurance products, along with dedicated and personable support, has been a trademark of our success in the self-storage industry. We stay committed to meeting your needs when others cannot. And, we do it at an affordable price, with integrity and efficiency.

A Pioneer In Protecting Tenants ​

Most tenants believe their possessions are already covered under the storage facilities’ insurance policy, but they are not. Our program often covers specific items you might be storing, that an alternative (or homeowners) policy would not. We also offer a low flat-rate, per-incident deductible that is even waived under certain cases* of loss. Beyond protection, tenants, and owners alike can always rely on ongoing, reliable support from Sage and our A-rated carrier.

(*$100 deductible waived in the event of burglary, when disc or cylinder lock was used. Please refer to actual policy for details.)

Insurance as a Service

At Sage we like to define insurance as a service as “Niche products that have advantageous distribution channels that deliver a simplified experience to the consumer with the right cover.” These simplified experiences will have an edge in the next decade and we want to empower the broker community to understand and take advantage of these opportunities.

Having the ability to purchase insurance at the point of sale provides a more linear customer journey experience. Why should customers have to buy insurance by themselves after a purchase? The relationships that brokers have with their clients will not change, but it will be incumbent on the broker to seek out alternative avenues to advise their clients on ways to protect them and their customers, as well as ways to increase revenue for the parties involved.

We have your back

Providing protection for your tenants’ stored property doesn’t have to come at the expense of your security. An on-site tenant insurance program will create further legal separation between you and your tenants, eliminating gray-areas when it comes to claims and liability.

“Our decade-long history of offering competitive, comprehensive insurance products, along with dedicated, personable support, has been our trademark. Simply put, we value our clients above all else, and are here to support them every step of the way.”

John Kassar
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