Turn a Liability into a Win

You win. The client wins. The tenant wins.

We are committed to achieving success together. We value our relationship with you, above all else.

Sage acts in a dual capacity, both as a Managing General Agency and program administer, to help you create customized tenant insurance and tenant legal liability programs to fit the needs of real estate owners and operators who are looking to further protect their assets and for additional ways to increase their properties cash flow.

To help our broker partners, we ensure a seamless transition. We provide a full suite of services from on-site sales training and marketing materials to reporting and ongoing support.

Our goal is to support you so you can support your clients, who can in turn protect their tenants. We will help you reduce an owner’s liability and create a level of separation between them and their tenants, while being able to generate an additional revenue stream at the site level, increasing the property value, and providing tenants with the value add of easy access to affordable specific coverage. It’s a win-win-win.

National Specialty Program

We are the Better Solution

Historically, apartment owners have assumed the exposure of damage caused by a tenant.  With fire, water or sewer back-up damage, the apartment owner as historically assumed that risk and never been compensated for it. The claims caused by a tenant almost always gets filed under the owners Property and Casualty policy, making your insurance premiums go up. That’s a loss for ownership. 

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Tenant Legal Liability is an insurance policy written in the owner’s name. The owner gets paid out directly for that damage up to $100,000. In addition (like an HO4) the tenant gets up to $10,000 for property and $1,000 for moving expenses.

Through the National Specialty Program, Sage can provide Tenant Legal Liability coverage for owners and operators.

  • AM Best Rated
  • No Minimum Premium
  • Competitive terms
  • Software Integration
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