Support you can count on

Insurance can be overly technical. We’re here to keep it simple.

Second-To-None Support

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep on saying it – our clients are our partners. We don’t succeed unless they do, and this trickles all the way down to the tenants. We’re not happy unless they are happy. This is the core value of our business and we continually strive to never lose sight of it, which is why superior support will always be a top priority at Sage. We make ourselves available to address any questions or concerns, guide employees or tenants, and assist in every way we can. Never hesitate to get in touch. We’re standing by to stand by your side!

Get Training

A premium tenant insurance program is only as successful as the people tasked with promoting and proctoring it. That’s why, at Sage, we go to great lengths to provide every site manager with in-depth training and tools to succeed. Every site manager will not only know the ins and outs of the program, but they will also have a detailed training manual for reference. Site managers will be able to confidently answer or address any questions or objections that potential tenants may have, so that tenants can enroll with confidence.

Unmatched Marketing Materials

In an industry guarded by disclosures and regulations, it’s not surprising that marketing materials are also put under a microscope. The last thing anyone wants is to falsely advertise a product or service. It hurts everyone. Owners open themselves up to liability lawsuits, and tenants lose trust in the business. The Department of Insurance requires all facilities to display some form of marketing that clearly outlines the offerings and limits of the insurance policy, to protect all parties from such misfortune. To ensure all our clients are displaying materials free of misrepresentation, we provide all sites with professionally designed, compliant marketing materials… and who says accurate and informative messaging can’t also be easy on the eyes?

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